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1:1 Consultation

Private sessions allow you to tailor your work to your specific challenges. Starting at $125/hr for one hour. Package rates available for 3+ sessions. Includes free 15 minute initial consultation.


Learn the 5 principles of Listening how to make the most of your listening time so that you can return to parenting feeling clearer, more grounded and supported.


4 week class- $180

includes 17 hours of video examples and resources, which can also be purchased separately, if you can't make the class, for $89.


4 consecutive Sundays from 1-2:30 pm PST starting January 16th


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Starter Class

Hand in Hand intro class. Includes course book, listening booklets, hours of instructional video and weekly live class. $347         (6 weeks).

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Handling Aggression

Does your child's aggression leave you at a complete loss, feeling frustrated and confused? I can help you understand what your children most need in those moments and how to give it to them while remaining in integrity with your own values. (6 weeks, $347)

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Support Calls

Free group parenting support calls on the first and third Mondays of every month at 12 pm PST. You'll receive a brief overview of Hand in Hand and the rest of our time will be divided equally among parents who can use the time to think aloud, problem-solve, offload tension or ask questions. Learn More.

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Self-Guided Resources

Hand-in-Hand self-guided classes include hours of instructional videos, resources and concrete examples to help you bring the tools into practice in your family.

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