Free Support Calls

Join me at 12 pm PST every first and third Monday of the month for FREE group Hand in Hand support calls.


NO Support Call

Monday, 1/3/21 

How it works

During support calls, parents divide the hour and take turns talking and listening to one another. While speaking you may explore feelings, thoughts, ideas, or experiences you've had, or ask questions of the instructor. Whatever is most useful to you.


Helpful Information:

  • Meetings are held on Zoom with video OFF to allow for confidentiality and privacy.

  • These are drop-in calls, but please make an effort to get on close to the 12 pm start time.

  • If you come on late and you hear someone talking that is a-okay (please don't skip the call if you need support just because you aren't able to join right at 12 pm). In that case, please stay muted and I will have you introduce yourself when the speaker has finished. If you get on and no one is there, check the calendar to make sure you are using the correct link for the Monday you're calling. 

  • Email for the meeting links. If you know of anyone who is interested in joining us please have them email me rather than give them the links I've sent to you. This allows me to notify people of any schedule changes and ensure they are prepared for the call.

Guidelines for Support Calls:

  • The instructor will treat each parent with respect, appreciation, warmth and understanding.

  • Each parent being listened to is a good parent and needs to offload tension so they can be calm, confident, and can think more clearly.

  • The different ways people offload tension can be through laughter, tears, trembling, and sometimes swearing or crying. They may voice thoughts they don't mean. It's OK to do this. They are good parents blowing off steam.

  • Whatever is said in the support group will be anonymous, except for first names when they are used, and whatever parents share will not be spoken of again by call participants or the instructor, unless the speaker asks for the call leader's thoughts on a particular matter.

  • If you are new to listening partnerships you might want to WATCH THIS or LISTEN TO THIS before the call. (You may need to set up a free Hand in Hand account to access).



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