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Need some support? (We all do).

I can help!

I'm Shauna. I'm a mom and a certified Hand in Hand parenting instructor. I help parents build skills that transform their family culture into one that is well-rooted in connection, joy and playfulness.

I became a mother to my son later in life, and have lost two children to pre-term labor and miscarriage. I worked as an educator of young people for most of my professional career. Given my experiences working with kids and how hard we’d tried to become parents, I felt confident, overjoyed and beyond grateful to finally be a mother to my beautiful boy.


I knew it wouldn't be easy, per se, but I wasn't prepared for how difficult I actually found parenting.


When my son turned three, parenting became confusing as I struggled to understand and respond to his challenging but developmentally appropriate behaviors. I went down the rabbit hole of internet searches, took parenting classes, read books, all in an effort to find answers to our most pressing challenges. No language I used, no amount of physical activity, rewards, consequences or praise changed the behaviors or my feelings about them. 

Around that time I took a class through Hand in Hand Parenting. Our family began to transform rather immediately, as I used their approach.

  • I learned about brain science and what to do when a child isn't thinking clearly.

  • I started to understand my child’s off-track behavior as an expression of his need for connection.

  • I developed listening skills that build and repair connection.

  • I built support for myself for times when my own feelings got in the way of my listening and connection.

  • I loosened up and learned how to be playful in moments when I had previously tended to be tense and frustrated.


I can help you do the same for your family. I became a certified Hand in Hand parenting instructor because I love working with other parents and supporting them on their own journey of experimentation and self-discovery. 

You are the expert on your family. My role is to share tools and approaches that can help you solve your own challenges so that as your children grow and age, as things and people in your family change, you remain well-rooted with confidence and connection.

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