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Find Joy and Connection in Your Family

Parenting asks so much of us. I can help you discover ways to navigate the inevitable challenges that arise from raising a  family, with confidence and connection. My approach to working with parents is well-rooted in the knowledge that:

  • Your children are good, regardless how difficult their behaviors are.


  • You need and can get support for your family without running yourself ragged.


  • It is never too late to transform the way you parent. Never.

Happy Clients

I reached out to Shauna for help when my seven year old was struggling with sleep. I thought I just needed a solution to a problem, but what Shauna provided was so much bigger than that. She gave me tools, held space for my experience, and guided me through each step of the process. I felt supported and validated, which allowed me to support and validate my child as I set a limit around sleep. In the end, the sleep struggles are improving daily and, more importantly, our entire family feels more connected and present. Working with Shauna was a joy and I feel so grateful to have found her when I did.


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